All Festivals 2020 canceled :-(

Due to the worldwide pandemic of the covid-19 virus we are destined to stay at home the whole year. Sorry to say that we all can only attend small meetings together. Nonetheless some of us are/were traveling germany and europe to meet you!

Be sure to take the sitiuation deadly serious and don’t believe the corona deniers a word!

Stay healthy, we miss you all and hope to see you in ’21!

Open Letter to Chris

Dear Chris,

now that we’re finished with our own festival
( I would like to say a great

T H A N K   Y O U

in behalf of all the pigflag visitors on RF2018 caravan east this year. It was such a great place you reserved for us, we were astonished an utmost pleased! Also we would like to say Thank You to all of the Roskilde Festival staff, the musicians, their roadies, the sponsors,
the helpers, the security team, the doctors and paramedics, the visitors and every one else who made this festival the best Roskilde event for years!

Keep up the good work, we surely appreciate it and already are looking forward to Roskilde Festival 2018 2019*

*Thanks Josef for the correction!

2016 Motto – Casino

Come and play with us!

The motto for our tuesday roskilde party 2016 is
C A S I N O.


Dress up like a gambler, croupier, bookmaker, casino staff or any other person or thing you can think of at a casino. On tuesday evening around 7 p.m. grab your cards, dice, luck and drinks and come to the pink pigflag camp on caravan site.
The real one and (almost) only pigflag

For sure you won’t win the big money. But do expect to have a great time with some cool musik and get to meet even cooler people. We’re looking forward to party with you!

We are happy to announce

We are happy to announce, that the pigflag logo

Pigflag Logo

is now an EU wide registered design with the Office for Hamonization In the International Market, an agency of the European Union under reference number 002802017-0001.

OAMI Certificate

The sole right for this logo is held with the sponsor of this website v. Hammerstein Consult GmbH. The right for use of our logo will be admitted only for non profit, non political, non religous mattters of persons/campaigns/companies or such.

The v. Hammerstein Consult GmbH istself declares it will only use this logo in respect of the Pink Pigflag Commnity’s interests.  Any revenues made by use of the logo will solely be re-invested to futher support the Pink Pigflag Community and it’s objectives.  The company furthermore confirms it will not license the logo to others, except they declare the same.

Any other use of the Logo, especially for commercial, political or religous activities, is strictly forbidden and is protected by federal and european law.

For more information see

Stay tolerant, be peaceful and let a smile grow on your face!

And the winner is…

Funny Legs“! So do something cool to your legs, get a third or fourth and come and party with us. And if you don’t have an idea. Elli will be glad to get out her Epiliergerät! We look forward to you and a wonderful evening!

pigflag party starting at Tuesday 2015-06-30 8:00pm on the Caravan site

New motto needed for 2015

As we had to read from the german press, a nazi terror group called “Oldschool Society” was broken up two days ago by german authoroties. We never before heard of this group and it is our utmost concern not to be related in any way to political parties, -movements or especially extremists!

We are a group of party goers coming from almost every political direction, all over the world. As we do like to discuss politics, we distance ourselves to radikal parties or movements of any kind. Our motto is “tolerate the tolerant“.  What we will not tolerate is racism!

As the Oldschool terror group is now going throgh the german news we think the motto we chose this year is not appropriate anymore.

A new Motto will be posted by the end of the week. Please be patient and feel free to send me a mail with suggestions.