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First real Pigflag Party at Sweden Rock 2024

Channel your inner swine and unleash the fun!

You’re cordially invited to the Pigflag Party, a legendary gathering fit for the wildest of hogs!

Date:  Tuesday, June 4th, 2024
Time:  7:00 PM onwards
Location:  Roselunds Camping (prepare to party under the stars!)

This is a bottle party, so pack your favorite snort-worthy beverage and get ready to:
Wallow in laughter! Trot the night away!
Root for a good time! (Because seriously, who doesn’t?)
Don your most festive attire (think: Pigflag shirts meet Viking helmets, it’s a Pigflag thing!) and prepare for an unforgettable evening.

Pigflag Party 2023?

Look for the Pink Pigflag this year at Caravan South!

It was a very very hard decision for me and Suba to make, but after 30 Years of roskilde, we feel RF is getting somewhat, how do you call it? Well, we let you choose. The Line up at RF2022 and now RF2023 showed me, that getting old isn’t allways a great thing to do. Commercialization hit Roskilde Festival more than once in the last 30 Years. Now they even charge a caravan car parking. So what the hell, why not look around?

We had to make a very personal, long, unhappy, happy, over and over decision, which we surely will not regret (but moan about at times). This year, Suba, I and some (but not all!) of the other pigflag party people moved our interests to the Sweden Rock with more music knowingly to be at our favor. As for it’s our first time there, we don’t bring along our pigflag tent, the bar, the music equipment, the jello, the Kasseler and Sauerkraut. But all that is not ultimately necessary for a great Pigflag Party! It’s YOU! The People who have come along and partied with us! You who have deserved and given us respect, you who we could talk to till the sun rises, you, who gave us a blanket, when we got cold, or gave us a nice draw form strange cigarettes when we started getting sober:-) you who picked us up after we stumbled, you who answered our question of what life is all about, you who put a smile on our face, once we arrived. You who knew how to get the best out of us. Damn, it’s not even easy writing this.

We utmost hope, that you all get your buts up and together at Roskilde. Hence there’s absolutely no sense in not making a party just cause we’re missing! Look fo the Pigflag at Roskilde Caravan South! Stay Alive, have more fun than you can imagine and lift your Cup for a skål!

For all the others, who also broke up with RF this year. you have the chance to find the pigflags at !another! festival up north.

One thing is for sure, we, Suba and Pedda will miss YOU so, so much at Roskilde! Have a great party! Feel free to carry on the pigflag message. Stay tolerant, respect yourself, your neighbour and have fun!!!

Love you, Kiss you and hope to see you at Sweden Rock, Metallica World tour Gothenborg, Open-R-Festival, Suedwinsen-Festival, Bockpalast, Reload Festival, Fehmarn Open Air, Celler Stadtfest, just to name a few. Keep the looks out for the pink pigflag! You’ll allways find great people under it!


Ready for 2022?

Well it’s been some time now, the pandemic closed down at least two years of festival happenings. We’re really glad that now, we can go to Roskilde Festival once more. It being the 50th anniversary festival.

So pack your stuff and move on with us to Denmarks best Festival! Feel free to join us. First meeting point will be the Aral before Fehmarn Sund Bridge on Friday June 24th between 10 and 11 p.m. We arrive on Denmarks island of Farö Saturday around 00:30 a.m. After a good nights sleep we move on to the entrance of caravan south on time for RF opening the gates at 10:00 a.m.

Looking forward to see, greet and meet you!

All Festivals 2020 canceled :-(

Due to the worldwide pandemic of the covid-19 virus we are destined to stay at home the whole year. Sorry to say that we all can only attend small meetings together. Nonetheless some of us are/were traveling germany and europe to meet you!

Be sure to take the sitiuation deadly serious and don’t believe the corona deniers a word!

Stay healthy, we miss you all and hope to see you in ’21!

Open Letter to Chris

Dear Chris,

now that we’re finished with our own festival
( I would like to say a great

T H A N K   Y O U

in behalf of all the pigflag visitors on RF2018 caravan east this year. It was such a great place you reserved for us, we were astonished an utmost pleased! Also we would like to say Thank You to all of the Roskilde Festival staff, the musicians, their roadies, the sponsors,
the helpers, the security team, the doctors and paramedics, the visitors and every one else who made this festival the best Roskilde event for years!

Keep up the good work, we surely appreciate it and already are looking forward to Roskilde Festival 2018 2019*

*Thanks Josef for the correction!

2016 Motto – Casino

Come and play with us!

The motto for our tuesday roskilde party 2016 is
C A S I N O.


Dress up like a gambler, croupier, bookmaker, casino staff or any other person or thing you can think of at a casino. On tuesday evening around 7 p.m. grab your cards, dice, luck and drinks and come to the pink pigflag camp on caravan site.
The real one and (almost) only pigflag

For sure you won’t win the big money. But do expect to have a great time with some cool musik and get to meet even cooler people. We’re looking forward to party with you!