2014 new site, new motto

Welcome Party Goers,

you’ve surely been desperately waiting on this year’s motto! We’ve gone through loads of research, study, inquisition, clarification,  drinking, purification, web programming, boozing, smoking and customizing and this is what came out:

Black and White on Caravan Site

get dressed up as you like, but we’d love to see you in white, black and vice versa. It’s all about opposites and sames, under or over, full or empty.  so if you join us you’ll be happy, if not we’ll be sad! Come to the party:

Pigflag Party at Roskilde Festival 2014
on caravan campsite
Wednesday 2014-07-02 8:00 p.m.

look for the pink pigflag!
The real one and (almost) only pigflag
The real one and (almost) only pigflag